Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Okay, so I was praying this morning, doing my prayer list, cuz last night i passed out in the middle of it. SO, when i got to heather huffman(use to be neighbor). I couldn't take not knowing. She just recently gave birth, i texted her this morning....It's a BOY, his name is Caiden Matthew. He was 6 lbs 15 Oz's. Healthy!! Such a good thing to hear. I have been praying for heather, ever sense she told me she was pregnant.

I think i need to work on my WEB-SITE! yes, thats correct, yours truely has a web-site.

CHEcK-iT-oUt! ~~~~~www.survivingMS.com~~~~~

It is currently under contstuction, but it will be pretty informative here in the near future. MARK MY WORD! go on, mark it.

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