Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ughhh, people please!

Tatt2 Garfields Body Piercing
(260) 420-7181
2034 Broadway Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Well, today was interesting. Today in my conquest to solicit some contributors I ran into several interesting characters. Most of which were very pleasent and happy to assist my cause. One, however was just.......Ridiculous. The above Tattoo shop in fort wayne was where i was verbally, and almost Physically assulted. WOW, everything started off perfectly. I was explaining what i was trying to accomplish. Then, the owner; an old timer who has probably dropped acid more times than i can count asks me, "did you say something about stem-cell research?" I said, "Yea, i will be going to China to get a stem cell transplant using stem cells harvested from umbilical cord blood." He told me very bluntly that he does not support stem cell research in any way, shape, or form. And that he didn't have anything else to say to me. I told him.........Well, that is the IGNORANCE I am trying to get rid of in this town. Well, he kept walking closer and closer to me. LOL. then he took off his glasses, and then his jacket. And told me to get the F*** out of his store. I looked him in the eyes, and asked. "Sir, are you being serious right now?" Told me again. I was just amazed at his pure ignorance, and stupidity, and his friggin nerve. SO, THE LESSON TO THIS STORY IS. IF YOU ARE GETTING A TATTOO IN FORT WAYNE, DO NOT GO TO TATT2 Garfields Body Piercing on Broadway!! Unless you just don't like people, life, or to be happy. If you hate yourself, and everyone around you, well you would probably fit in really good there.

I am just frustrated. I put all this work into fundraising, and I am doing really well. But then I come accross a person like that. Someone who is just IGNORANT! It's sick, it really bothers me. There is way to many people who think just like that guy too. Especially in our society, people are so closed-minded to new and amazing posibilities, because of the stigma associated with stem cell research. It is those people in society that make it really hard to make a huge push for stem cell research to move forward in America!

-I still love people though, and i will say a prayer for that guy...just one though. ;-)


Lucy Brown said...

So yeah, that is where I got my last can't punish all of them for what one old man thinks. Nick (the one who tattooed me) and Jesse (the guy who pierced my nose) are very nice guys and have bills to pay just like everyone else. I've met Garfield once. He reminds me of Leo from That 70's Show except not so pleasant. I'm sorry his ignorance makes everyone guilty...and you're probably right on his previous and maybe even current drug use and you probably won't be able to get anywhere with him in trying to make him understand. Here is my advice- you can't change people. You can present them with the facts at hand, but it is up to them whether they want to change or not. This applies to all situations. You can try to help the process along, but it all comes down to personal choice. Now you have a choice as well- dwell on what a horrible person this man is, or move on to the next business, person, or group to support your efforts...

Just an old woman's thoughts on a touchy subject :)

Mikey said...

Old woman...HA! far from even oldish.

I agree with you, but when you are in the heat of the moment, especially with something you feel passionately about. It's really hard to hold your tongue, even when you know you should. And yea, i agree, he is kinda like Leo, just without the chill hippee coolness.