Friday, March 16, 2007

Baseball bat Mania!

Well, I had a chance to go to Brittney Browns palace today. She is home on spring break, and got a chance to go to NYC! She had lots of fun and got some "discount vashion." Dinner with her parents was half lecture on m/s treatments and general information. The other was enjoyment of Britt and her parents. Very nice people. While I was at the Brown's residence, I get a call from this girl named Victoria. She has been telling me about this bat, signed by the San Francisco Giants that she is going to donate to my fund. It's pretty cool looking. That thing will hopefully attract some attention.

It looks really nice. The signatures are all silver and gold Sharpie markers. It looks cool. AND, the chick that got it for me. Victoria. Well she is a fox. She was at the Leo Legion, because one of her dad's buddies was havin a B-Day. I got to see an old friend from high school, reminded me of some ummmmm "cute" memories. ;-) Carrie Swarts. It was cool, and I got a chance to talk with Victoria's mom, She has m/s and could possibly be interested in some form of stem cell transplant. It is neat that she can watch me go through my experience, and learn from it.

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