Wednesday, March 28, 2007

WED-NES-DAY easy 2 remember

Today I got a chance to pay my deposit for my chinese stem cell transplant. It was pretty cool, I went to my bank, told them I needed to make an international wire transfer, and bam. I am leaving with a receipt that says I paid into a Chinese bank in Hong Kong. It felt great. I am well on my way.

I went to work this morning, I would say it was probably 10:45 and it just started raining way to hard. It was windy, and bosses called it off. I went home and got some fund raising stuff done, I am really pleased with how everything is fitting together. My mom and I make a really good team. As long as we both don't get cought up on the stupid stuff, we really work quite well with each other.

i'm out. pretty tired. Laters

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