Saturday, March 10, 2007

Talk with the biological side.

This little pecker head was kinda roudy...He really liked to mess with me. OHHH, and in the basement, they have like an 18 ft. bermese
OHH, it was really great. I love seeing the expression on my biological mothers face everytime i see her after a fairly long period of time has gone by. It's just like "Wow, he is real..." Just a really unique look. Don't think it has been duplicated.

My Biological Grandmother has these animals, and this kitty, specifically is one cute lil fur ball. I love it. It's name is Flower, and it is sleeping on my lap top case in this picture. he he he

Here is My biological mother and grandmother. Jodi loves me, and she realizes that what she did for me, gave me everything that i have today. Gave me my parents, gave me my friends, my schools, my LIFE! I love Jodi for making that very brave and difficult decision she made so long ago. I am so glad that i can show her a man i am not ashamed of. To show her "Look at what I have become!" Thank you Jodi, and I can say with confidence and a much deeper meaning, that I love you. When someone asks me who my "mom" is, I tell them Dianna Riley. But, I am so happy for the relationship that we have. It has allowed me to have a lot of closure in areas I have needed it for a long time.

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