Saturday, March 24, 2007

Trouble on Saturday

Today was pretty cool. It is getting so friggin nice out, SO FAST TOO! Me and chris did somes running earlier in the afternoon, had to take care of errands. After that we went and saw tony's new dog. Tony started looking for a pit bull about a month ago, well at least he started talking about how he wanted one. Well, apparently at work he would talk about it too, cuz one way or another one of tony's buddies at work called him up and told him he had to find a new home for his pit bull, cuz he has to kids now that take up all his time. So, this guy hears tony is lookin for one, and he is trying to get rid of his. This dog is 1 year old, is already potty trained, mild manored, playful, pretty, and STRONG! Tony paid him a hundred bucks. This dog is awesome. Tony got a really good deal, cuz it is a really good dog. You can tell she wouldn't hurt a fly either. Like, if you play rough with her, and she will play back, but not in a mean way. jus a good ole dog. She will be anyways. Chilled at tony's for a while, then went home. The dog's name is trouble too. Thats why this blog is titled the way it is. Duh.

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