Monday, March 19, 2007

So many ideas....must shut off BRAIN

OK, goodness gracious. Sleeping is getting harder and harder. Even when I take my Lunesta, sometimes my brain still keeps me up. I don't do alone time very well. My mind just starts to wonder, then I start thinking a little more about it. Then bam! Sleeping seems to become the impossible task. I need it so bad though. I have non-stop ideas for my web-site, for my friends, for my future, for my MS, anything that I can think about, plagues my mind like peanut butter on the top of a dogs mouth. It is frustrating sometimes.

OK, so what got accomplished today? Well, for one I got a tattoo place to donate $100 cirtificate. & my friend Britt, the beautiful woman i am holding. I look fat in this picture....Well her father hooked me up! He got this rich dentist in Fort Wayne to donate a helicoptor ride!!! Is that not awesome or what????

Yea, if I was at a silent auction, and there was a helicoptor ride for auction, and my little kid was gonna have a B-Day soon. I would so get that for his/her birth day! That would be an amazing present. So, I totally am excited every day to wake up and see what God is going to put on my plate next. It is kind of a thrill. MAD FUN!

Good Quote:

To everything there is a season, a time for.> > >

every purpose under heaven:> > >

A time to weep, a time to laugh, A time to> > >

mourn, and a time to dance.> > >

Ecclesiastics 3:1,4.---

}--{@ Olifia Setiadi @}--{---

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