Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesdays are the best!

This picture was taken at the small group meeting. That is a picture of Tiffany and her dog. That is a good dog. I like her. I like Tiffany too. I really like my small group, accountability, fellowship, and good people--mixed in with some brownies, and interesting conversation makes for a good time. Once I got back home I worked on my Power Point for the presentation on Friday. I am having trouble finding everything i wanna find about stem cell research. But it is coming along well enough.

OKAY, so right now I am really tired. My eyes are droopy, and i havn't taken any sleep aid. But, I wonder what is going to happen once i go into my room, lay on my comfy bed, and try to go to sleep. I bet I CAN'T! I hate that. The plans for my Benefit Dinner/auction/whatever are so GOIN DOWN. I am going to bed. bye.

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