Saturday, March 24, 2007

very satisfying night tonight.

Well, I had my first starbucks MS awareness concert/event. It went so good, and a lot more people came than i thought would come.

So after the show, dinger & cody had some people over. good time

TOnight was so good though. There was a huge turn out at starbucks, and I just think it all happened for a reason. This could possibly be the next big thing for me. Whatever it may be, i dunno, but i really feel like i made an advancement today. I informed a bunch of linke minded individuals about what I am going through, and i thought them a little bit about how devestating of a disease MS is. But in all craziness, I talked to Tiffany Stryder about it tonight. It's all about how your attitued looks at it. It is huge. I stay positive, so why wouldn't I have anything but positive outcomes. I saw my buddy Andy out there, and Jared, and just a bunch of people who believe in me. I love my friends, and would take a bullet for them at any given second. I just love my frirends. And they blessed me so much tonight. Even the little things bless the crap out of me.

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