Thursday, February 15, 2007

Today was soooo good.

Okay, so today started off kind of slow. I had to take a Lunesta at like 1:30a.m. just because i was waking up every hour. All i want to do at night is SLEEP! I just get sooo tired, but my body won't allow me to go to sleep. It is so frustrating! So, i take a Lunesta super early in the morning, and then when i did wake up, it was really hard for me to get around. Pissed my mom off, and what not.

Well, i had the meeting with the District Manager of Star Bucks, and all 8 Star Bucks location managers. It went perfectly. I told them what was up, told them about my m/s, about the stem cell transplant, about the NTAF. They were almost excited to help. I could see the interest in their eyes. They are going to allow me to post info on the community boards, and use the star bucks locations to have concerts/music gatherings/ ms awareness things. It is going to be awesome, and work perfectly.

OKAY get this, at the beginning of the meeting I told everyone how amazing it is to watch all the people that God brings into my life to help me fundraise, or just support my cause emotionally. I talked, and gave them all my information, then towards the end of the meeting, this getlemen sitting right next to me told me about his girlfriends sister. She had the same Stem Cell Transplant to treat Multiple Sclerosis! :+0 It was pretty amazing, then Pam, the district manager says, "I think that might be one of those people you were referring to earlier." I just winked at her and nodded my head. God is good folks, God is real. God will light your world up if you allow him to, and trust that he will. It's so cool, and I have a lot of work to do. I need people to start calling/E-Mailing me back so i can get this show on the road!! WHOO HOOOO! To be honest, I am genuinly excited inside. And i don't even care if i spelled that wrong.

M/S Update:
Okay, so this isn't a big least i don't think it is. But i think it is prolly m/s related. For the past couple of weeks my left ear feels like it is just loaded with wax, and even like it is producing a lot of wax.....but every time i get a Q-tip it is perfectly clean......Also, one odd thing i noticed maybe 3 weeks ago is....My finger nails started growing really fast. & there are really thick white splots in them, and they keep showing up. Usually i have to trim my fingernails like once a month, I have been having to cut them every week and a half. Now is that normal? I think not..... We'll see what happens though.

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