Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Tuesday, the day 2 days before Thursday

Just when i think a day can't possibly get any better......it just keeps on getting better way above and beyone my craziest dreams. People keep coming out of the cracks. From every where, and from all walks of life to help little ole me. A very motivating assurance i can promise you. So many things happened today. Just crazy God things. Exciting!

My friend Tony tried to cut his finger off at work. He did a pretty good job. I know it is kind of blurry and all, but he seriously sliced off the end of his finger. There was stitches going through his finger nail. i was all like :-O

After hanging out at the no finger house, me and my buddy Chris went to my friend Dylans house to work on a Video i have to make for the benefit show my sister merideth is putting on. Not only is my video made in a friggin professional format, it is looking, sounding, and ummm seeming? amazing! It is a job well done. maybe even a job very well done. Here is some of the action.

Here is a shot of the Film Maker him-self. Right in the heat of the action.

This is an Editing Shot. This dude knows what he is doing. Pretty friggin awesome. I pick up Part 2 tomorrow. I told Dylan, if it is half as good as Part 1, it will be absloutly amazing!

This is a picture of Alex, she provided mostly emotional support. As you can see she is fixated on the screen. Watching every second of Dylans sheer brilliance.

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