Saturday, February 17, 2007

God's works

Wow, today was a very sincering day. is that a correct wordish? ok, here are some pictures of the action. I will provide some visual aid's to keep the entertainment level there. OK, so at work today i get called in. My boss tells me he wants me to come clean trucks. Mostly the salt trucks, reason being the salt and metal causes a lot of corrosion. So, i am cleaning the trucks and it is freeking cold! i mean wow, it is viciously cold, as soon as i spray the hot water on the truck, it FREEZES IMMIDEATLY! lol. Sooooo.....i get done cleaning the 2 salt trucks. One of my forman told me not to clean any more. then i paint a metal crate thingy, then my boss asks me if i will do some snow removal jobs for him. If you know anything about my situation, you will understand why this is a possible ISSUE to say the least. Here ya go,

The top picture is of me in the company van, the picture of traffic was what i was seeing at the current time. Like i said, if you know my situation, you will know why this is a "possible issue." So, i knew, and my boss knew. wuteva.....

So, after i get off work my buddy chris picks me up, and i go to Best Buy to get a movie. It was about cocaine in the 70's & 80's. Dude, craziness! a documentary about how the columbians literally had a BILLION dollar annual business selling cocaine in Miami. Insane world. the movie is called Cocaine Cowboys!

See, the reason i bought this movie is cuz i knew it would open Tony up. Tony is not a Christian, and doesn't admit to believing or to "not believing" one of those medioker pot heads. I use to be right there too. So, i got this movie, cuz it would show him, hey dude i am your buddy always & forever no matter what.....This is what it lead me to. & right now it is 3:33a.m. ryte now, i went over to his house at like 7:00p.m. God got us into the biggest Christian vs. Non Christian DEBATE!!! It was too, a full out debate. I have never had one of those with Tony before. And to be honest, it was good for me. Cuz i had to back up everything i believed even when it was a little uncomfortable. Or made me have almost doubt issues. When in reality, I was just Growing as a Christian. And in the very end....hold on, check out Tony & his Cat.
Tony is a lot like his cat. in soooo many ways, we talked aobut that too. We talked a lot about many things. And in the heat of the battle, when he was discouraged, I was tellin him. Dude, i am not mad at you for believing something different, i just pray that you will some day understand what i see. It was so hard for him to grasp that. Why would i care aboout him? Why would God care about him? Then he started asking more questions. Why wasn't his dad ever there for him? Why did he treat his mom like shit? ya know? But when i told look dude. I have m/s but i wake up every day and i am happy. I think about the lord constantly, and i am happy. Every night, when i go to bed i am happy. & content with my life. I tell him, if i were to die right now, i would be at total peace with it. I KNOW where my soul will go. WHAT?????? he just wouldn't allow himself to grasp that. He so badly wanted me to admit that there at least has to be a possiblility that god doesn't exist.....But when i told him, look dude, god gives you that choice. I just choose to believe him. & i am blessed by it. God blesses me with the people in my life. Like this girl ryte now, stephanie. God has blessed me with her being in my life currently. And my sister Merideth, CONSTANT BLESSING. omg i love her to death. And my other sister Brandy, and my best friend Jared, and my girl Britt!!! God blesses me with so many people so much. Like the lady who wrote the newspaper article. & my doctors, and PARENTS and soooo many people. When it all came down to it. I told tony, look dude, i am not going to be mad at you for not believing. & i don't want this Debate to effect our friendship in any way. He looked at me differently. Almost as if to, mike does care for me. He cares for me in a way i don't even care for myself..................i saw that feeling in his eyes. & you wanna know how God blessed me because of it. When tony dropped me off at my home. He told me. when i shook his hand and thanked him for being my friend. He told me, Mike thanks for the advice. Thanks for caring. And i got out of his car, and he drove off. But let me tell you. I had a huge grin on my face, and as i write about it, my eyes tear up. Because it was God's amazing power that allowed him to work through me. I was simply a vessel for God's kingdom tonight..It is so awesome. I love being a part of God's plan. And i want to die every day to his plan. I am working on it slowly, and it is slowly taking over my life. I love people, i love god, i will make people feel good about who they are, and who god is, and how it corresponds with each other. If i can get people to see and understand the feelings and belief's i know they will follow God's path. Maybe not in the immideate future, but it will tug on their heart. I have that as an absloute truth in my life. I do not ever doubt it. Not even for a second, if i ever even get close to thinking that, i fall on my knees and & for strength from god, for my faith. I hope i am not babbling, i am trying to get accross that God is awesome, and he honors obedience. Thats all

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