Monday, February 19, 2007

Global Warming?

Okay so seriously, three days ago i remember seeing snow mobile tracks on some of the rivers in Fort Wayne. No joke, it was cold enough to create Ice thick enough to hold a 500 pound piece of equpiment. Now, it is 42 degrees outside. Pretty crazy. Umm, yesterday I went to my friend Tyler Morningstar's Baptism. It was so cool. Tyler is the tall dude to the left. The top picture is of him talking, explaining why he wanted to make that commitment. The bottom picture is of him goin under. I really got it in the heat of the moment. It was soo cool to see all the different people in all different walks of life. From 7 year olds dedicating their life to christ, to grown women showing their commitment to their church and to them selves. It really lifted me in spirit. Also, i got to talk to many people after the baptism who i really think highly of. It was a great service. GO GOD!

So, today was pretty good. I went in to work around 9a.m. Once i got there i had to install a door. Then i cleaned up the shop a little bit, then i cleaned some trucks, and such and so fourth. It was pretty good, plus i got to work with Tony, I really like Tony, he is a cool dude. So...I borrowed a Digital Video Recorder from some friends of the family. Nice camera, even nicer software. But apparently i didn't have the "correct" cord. You have to have some kind of cord called a FIRE WIRE. what ever that is. So, i found a friend who is super interested in helping me film, edit, and burn to DVD. My sister Merideth, and I are going to go over to his house tomorrow.

I am expecting a lot of E-Mails. I hope people don't let me down, cuz i need people to work with me if i am ever going to get any thing accomplished. I am not frustrated, just a little anxioius. I want so badly to make everything in my life work a certain way. I should prolly just accept that things usually won't go exactly as planned. And that isn't a bad thing either. Just the way it usually goes.

We are taking care of a dog. It is a "Golden Doodle" i suppose. lol. Kind of an awkyard dog, but she means well.

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