Saturday, February 03, 2007

Watch God, See God work, God work GOOD.

I have to start off by giving props to this band my sister Merideth introduced me to. The band is called The Fray, The CD is titled "how to save a life." I really like them, I can tell they put a lot of emotion into their work. Pretty neat, I suppose you could call the genre "Emo." You can call it whatever you want, i call it good.

So, Merideth came over the home earlier today, well it was maybe mid afternoon. She and my dad worked on her tax forms, then she agreed to take me to try to get a bunch of copy's of 4 different forms. I wanted 100 copies of each individual form. So, 400 copies of forms, then i wanted 5 copies of the 52 page Patient Handbook. Lets see, we went to Kinko's first. There was no manager working that could help. So then we went off to Office Depot. I talked to the manager that was on Duty. His name was jason, he seemed extremely uninterested. He wasn't even paying attention when i was attempting to tell him about my situation. So, we left there a lil dissapointed. But not beaten. This next part is really cool, My sis tells me, hey why don't we try Staples? I was like, well it's worth a try. I 411 Staples in my phone. It connected me to a lady named Sheryl. Told her my story, and she seemed very interested and willing to participate. So, we drive out to the south side of Fort Wayne. I walked into the store, and talked a lil bit with Sheryl. Turns out her brother has M/S. huh. Irony or God? you choose. So, she made a ton of copies, and wished me good luck. it was really neat to see how God put Staples in my sisters head, then everything worked from there. Very cool.

God, the Father
There is but one God, the eternal Father, the Creator; a personal, spiritual Being, infinite in love and wisdom, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, immortal.

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