Tuesday, February 13, 2007

it won't stop snowing....

Holy Diver, Holy Diver, Holy Diver!! I made it on the NEWS! Check me out!
News Sentinel. ~click

I went to work this morning @ about 6ish, and worked till maybe 4ish. I will go back out tonight at around prolly 12a.m.ish. Work for prolly a million hours. So, it will be cold, wet, uncomfortable, and i will get rashes in places i didn't know could get rashes, BUT I will have a PHAT CHECK WAITING! so thats dope.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day, and I got me a Valentine! The sad thing is, I think the weather is going to try really hard to keep us from chillen wit each other. That sucks, cuz i definately got her a baller present. I love making people happy. The more and more i live, the more i figuer out what my passion is. Some people love cars, and engines, so you could say there passion is Cars. Well, i love people. Just like a car fanatic loves to figuer out all the inner workings of his vehicle, I love to get inside people's heads, try to figuer out their inner workings. So, i think it is safe to say my passion is PEOPLE! The awesome thing about having people as your passion, is you can bring your passion to whatever work environment you end up in. Doesn't matter, you don't have to be a counselor, or teacher, or anything. Shoot, you could sell credit cards on a telephone, and really effect people. Good passion if you ask me.

I am sore, my bones ache, I am going to be buff after tonight.



Lucy Brown said...

That's awesome exposure for you!!!! So happy! Oh, and congrats on the Valentine ;)

Angel said...

I wish you well. God bless.