Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The day is over

(9:41AM) early morning post.
So, I just got out of my first Psychology test. I did study for it, but I felt like I was really unprepared. I learned how the professor formats his test, and realized that he is going to dive very explicitly into questions on related matter. I really did take advantage of the help that he offered; showing up for exam prep he offered last Thursday. BUT, I took some of the skills that I learned in high school and procrastinated on my timing. I allowed myself to wait until the last second to “cram” for the test. I am not going to let that happen anymore.
~The Challenge~
After my psychology class, I met up with Josh to talk about an opportunity we have had put before us. A teacher at Snider as asked if we would come in and speak to a class she currently has. This class is set apart from the other classes because of how they are viewed. They are “high risk” kids, and most of them are on the road to a discouraging future. Society might even view them as, the “screw ups.” Well, I think it is going to be an interesting opportunity for me to share my life experiences. How I turned the tide from living a “high risk” lifestyle to being happy and living for Christ. This is a huge task, and I pretty much have a day to think about it. We will be going in on Thursday. I want to put myself out there in the name of God. I am not going to go preach to these kids, I am simply going to allow Christ to shine through my experiences. I hope the kids are attentive and can tell I am being sincere with them. I’m not even nervous. I am excited really. I am going to think of a format of how I am going to give out the information, but I am going to try to make a “read” on the kids, and then just kind of go from there.
The girls have another gymnastics meet tomorrow. It is going to be just me and Lori. Just the two of us coaching. Michelle is flying off to Aruba tomorrow morning for a trip her and her husband won, and Vicki has class till late. It's a long drive to the highschool we are going to tomorrow. I love coaching gymnastics, and it is really something I actually have a passion for. But with all the activities and things I have going on, I am going to be glad when the season is over. My stress level is starting to raise, it's not something I can't manage, but it is just getting up there and I can tell.


Anonymous said...

so, what's your personal testimony?

Mikey said...

wow, ummmm it would be really hard and time consuming for me to write out my testimony, but I could try to summerize it.

My life was filled with addiction,and poor choices early on in life. I have hit "rock bottom" a couple of times. By grace I am still alive today.

There eventually came a point when I made an inward decision for myself to say, Enough is Enough. Christ lead me to that point through many difficult times.

That doesn't do my story justice, but it is a little sliver I suppose. Was that even worth me writing down?

Anonymous said...