Thursday, February 28, 2008

Character is doing the right thing when no one is watching. J.C. Watts

I would expand on that quote a bit, but I'm afraid if I do then too many people would be watching so I think ill just let it go.So we had our last gymnastics practice today, we met at Summit Academy of Gymnastics. It was kind of sad to know it will be over, but at the same time such a relief. Gymnastics is so time consuming. I love spending time with the girls, but it can be too much really. Here is Michelle in the picture, Michelle is the best Gymnastics coach in Allen County. She is so much fun to be around and coach the girls. I have learned much from her.

I think I did really good on my Psychology exam today. I can't wait to see what I got on it so that I can post it. Ohhhhh boy

My car use to make this nasty grinding noise every time I would open or close the driver side door because the thing has automatic seat belts and the driver side belt is way broken. SOOOOOO, I took it in today to get an oil change and they fixed the problem, which was a pain in the butt and then they changed the head light for me. It was like $33.73.oo in all, but well worth it. The guy spent over an hour taking apart the stupid side of the car to get to the right wire to cut. I am so happy to have a quiet car now though. It is like a new vehicle to me, and now every time I open the door, I smile. I guess it's the little things that make things worth while.....ohhh smurf blue.

I didn't have much going on and I LOVE TO WATCH MOVIES, especially indie films. So me and Marty went and watched The Savages. Ultimately it was pretty sad, but I loved it.
That is Marty. Marty is a good guy to go and watch a movie with because he is intelligent and an amazing conversationalist. I think I am pretty darn ready to go to bed now though.

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