Friday, February 29, 2008

SNOW, game night, and new house

So the majority of the day......9 hours and some odd minutes to be a little more specific were spent getting rid of SNOW. WOW, it was crazy because as soon as I got the main walks cleared off it started snowing like CRAZY and I had to go and do it all over again. AHHHHHH!!! LOL. I was having fun while I did it and good some good Mikey + God time in. I have to love the good deep thought time I find myself in all too often when I am doing mindless work. It's all good though.

I got off work and went home and got showered up real quick. I wanted to take a nap, BUT NO REST FOR THE WEARY! I quickly headed off to game night. This was game night for Young Life leaders and committee members. It was pretty fun.The top picture was me playing yahtzee, and I would say it lasted for about 10 minutes because I have the attention span of a gold fish. The second game was kind of like Apples to Apples to those who know how to play a really good board game. I was just so stiking tired that I didn't have a whole lot of energy. BUT, I managed to go and see my friends new house. So, I went and picked up marty and we went down town fort wayne to see the new crip, IT WAS AWESOME!It's an old Victorian house, a big one at that with a lot of wood and windows. I really love it and I am happy they found it at a reasonable price. I hope it works out sooo good for them for a long time and that they all do really good there. I am going to help Jared (my best friend) move in on Sunday. It will be so SWEET!

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