Friday, February 15, 2008

The past can make you appreciate the present

If I were a Carpenter sounded so good back in 1973 when he first sang it. He has done some serious singing since then. I got a chance to see him live when he came to Fort Wayne, but it is just so different. Don't get me wrong, the concert was still amazing and I had the time of my life, but his voice was and has been dead. Thanks for bringing back the YUMMY voice YouTube!I had a good day today. I am so ever thankful for my job and my boss/supervisor. I get to make my own hours, and anything that I have going on can be worked around. It is such a blessing and gift from God. I work my butt off when I am there, because I know how lucky I am to have a position like this one. It’s a very, very good thing. As soon as I got off work today I went home cleaned up and then went to IPFW and studied some STATISTICS for math class tomorrow morning. I didn’t get to go last Saturday because I was in Louisville for the leader summit meeting. I “WAS” planning on studying with this guy from my class. We had a time and place all set up ahead of time, but he called in the middle of the week and told me that he had to cancel because he dropped the class. Eeesh, he didn’t like how this guy runs things, and decided it would be in his best interest to just concentrate on his other classes instead of having to do ALL THE WORK, including learning everything on his own. The professor for this class is an awesome dude, I really enjoy him as a person, but as a teacher I just don’t feel like he ever teaches anything. I am going to have to hack and slash through this class and just force it to work. I think I can do it though. I just have to get my butt over to the free tutoring that the school offers. I’d be fine if I would just be a little more disciplined, or maybe time conscious is a better word. I am not irresponsible in my studies, I don’t blow things off, I just have so many things going on sometimes I can become a little jam packed. After my lil study time was over at IPFW I went to Mster White's School of the Arts to watch Reggie finish up his Tae Kwon Dao lesson. He does such an awesome job of teaching this kid, it is pretty inspiring. He doesn't get angry, he repeats himself a million times, and he is just infinitely patient and kind; firm at the same time too. It is quite the act to watch. I really enjoy it a lot. So, when Reggie got done I dropped him off at his place, and talked with his mom for a bit. Ya see, I am setting up this lil trip on Sunday to the Firehouse that one of my friends works at so I can take Reggie's brother & his friend Edmund to check it out and have a fireman give them a tour of a real fire house, and see the firetrucks and all the cool stuff. I worked it out so that only Reggie, his mom, and me know. It will be a huge suprise to Dominique and Edmund. HE HE HE, I am excited, and I really hope they have fun. After I left Reggies house I got on my GPS and found a near by Chinese place. I thought it was going to be on my way home, but with all the techonology I have, I forgot to look at the map. Turns out it was more South (opposite from where I live) that where I already was. Ohh well, I had already ordered it and was in route. I went there and was really blessed by it. As soon as I walk in, I say hello in Chinese (I remembered it from the trip) I think the lady just kind of brushed it off at first, maybe she didn't realize what I said. Then I paid and said Thankyou in Chinese. She kind of smirked a little bit, but said nothing. I went and sat down, and started eating. Well, out pops this cute little girl.
I was facing away from the counter, so when this little girl came up from behind me, she poked on my right elbow and I turned and smiled at her. She gave a big smile back at me. We had small talk, and she just stared deep into my eyes. Cutest little thing. I kept eating, and she went away for a bit, then she came back out with a drink, and tried to offer me a sip, I had to explain to her that I had a cough, and didn't want for her to get sick. I think she understood. She told me she was 4 years old, and she loved to giggle. I tried to say all the Chinese words I could think of, and I think she enjoyed that. I am going to have to remember this place, the food was okay, but the little girl factor was a real plus in my book. I took out my phone to take a picture right before I left, and her mom rushed over and fixed up her hair really quick, and then said "OKAY" with a big smile on her face as I took the picture. The mother said, thank you, and I said YOU'RE WELCOME in Chinese, and she giggled to herself. Maybe out of surprise, or maybe because I pronounced it very poorly. It doesn't matter, I am glad God lead me to this place, and I hope that family has many blessings and stays safe on that side of town. I would be nervous letting my little girl grow up in that part of town, but that's life.

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