Sunday, February 10, 2008

what a day, what a mighty day!

So the speaker this weekend was Bill Paige. He was awesome! You could tell just by the way he interacted with the listening audience that he was filled to the brim with the Holy Spirit. He was challenging, but not overwhelming. He was firm, but not intense. Personally, I was challenged time and time again with the kids I seek out at Snider. I was challenged internally as well as externally. I have got to reach out to the kids that I don’t want to talk to. I want to be able to be a “constant” in their hectic and sometimes painful lives. I think as soon as I am finished with Gymnastics, I am going to maybe get involved with Snider’s football program. I just feel like that is being put on my heart.
Well, the pictures from the trip are IN! Check it, Check it, Check It OUT! First I will hit you with the pictures from the Treasure hunt, otherwise known as Geocaching. It was amazing, and brought together the committee members together with the leaders. Also, IT WAS FREE ENTERTAINMENT! Something that is much appreciated to any Young Life member. So, the first Cache or Treasure we went hunting for was really in quite a hard spot. We literally had to go over the river and through the woods to find this one. With a flashlight in hand, we saught this Cache out with a vengence. The two non-white guys are just a couple of peeps from the Urban Indianapolis Young Life team I saw standing in the hotel and invited to come with us to seek out some GPS treasure adventure. They had an awesome time with us. Tony is to the left, and Frank is to the right. They were a nice addition to the team.
I am just so suprised at how many people do this. We took out a little trinket and replaced it with a Young Life sticker. We all had so much fun!
At one of the locations we got to, we just could not find out where the heck the Cache/Treasure was! We looked and looked but found nothing. I had to try to get a better view of the situation, so I climbed up a tree. ;-)
To the left is Mark, and to the right is Doug. They are my new friends, fellow treasure hunters, drivers, navagation specialists, and cool YL committee members. I really enjoyed the excellent conversations and good times I had with these guys over the weekend. And last but not least, this is a fine picture of almost all of North Easterns Young Life leaders. I had a great time this weekend. I learned a lot, and God really challenged me in several ways with kids, as well as chipping away a little bit more of MIKEY to make some more room for God. Sometimes weekends like this serve as necessary reminders for why you act a certain way, and you must LOVE so BIG. HE loved his sheep, I feel I must try my hardest to do the same.

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