Saturday, February 16, 2008

This is the day that the Lord hath made

What a morning. I started out with an early morning Bible study lead by Rich Honig, which was nice. Then, I went to my STATT class. I listened and listened, and soon I found myself being so critical of this guy. I disgusted myself. I can be so compassionate and merciful and loving towards the majority, but when it comes to someone who is trying their best to make me better and I don't think they are living up to my own personal standard I get PISSED! Maybe not even outwardly, but inside I am bad mouthing and degrading. I had to just stop in the middle of class and do a reality check. God loves this guy just as much as me. I even prayed that God lead me into classes that he would have me in. LOL. I am such a hyprocrit sometimes. Well, I caught this one this time, and I am thankful for the anonymous poster who pointed out this little tendency that I seem to have with specific people every once and a while.

Then, this guy who I have been befriending for the past couple of weeks opened up a little something to me. He told me he had to go to the hospital, and of course I inquired about it, just like I believe he wanted me to do. Then he told me about his friend Haley Chaney. She was in a horrible car accident near Norwell High School. As he told me about it, I could tell just how much this has disrupted his life. I felt like all I could do was tell him I would pray for her and that I would mention it in my BLOG so that other people could be informed to pray for her. IF YOU CLICK HERE It will take you to a BLOG that tells what happened in the car accident, and keeps regular updates on her current condition. I could tell that his heart was just going out for this girl. Mine did just as he spoke about her. Please pray for Haley readers. I just really have it put hard on my heart to pray for this girl and her family. I have come to KNOW that prayer is such a mighty tool for Christians. Please lift this girl up in prayer.

Dave Church today was so good, and the lesson tonight was about Ministry which was very fitting considering everything that I am going through and learning about. God is just...He is just so....So good. Ya know, Not to long ago I had like a "BREAK THROUGH PRAYER." I was in my car, having a prayer time with God like none I have ever had before. I was feeling nervous about something and I just laid it all out in front of God. I talked to him like I was communicating with my best friend, and as I spoke, I was directly delievered from my problem. It was such a relief. But, then I looked at that prayer time as a turning point with my relationship with Abba. Prayer isn't some abstract idea that can be indirectly effective in our own personal lives. Prayer to me, is a beautiful active gift of commuication with the Creator of EVERYTHING! I am so lucky to be able to even access this tool. I can do it any time, any day, any place. I can scream it, or close my mouth and eyes. I can talk fast and upset, or I can think out my words and grow as I speak. I cay honestly express that I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! And then ask for God to take over. When life is too much for me, I can simply go into my safe place and whisper to HIM who is full of grace that I can't deal at the moment......and then.......ya know what happens? He talks back, he really does. Ohh, you must have eyes to see it, and ears to hear it, but man does he talk back. Sometimes it is through pages in my Bible, and sometimes it is through thoughts in my mind. Sometimes, it is even through people that are placed into my life in specific times. God to me is becoming my best friend. He really is. I can't think of a more trusting friend than God. Wouldn't have to worry about back stabbing, or gossip, or having to impress or act tough in front of. You wouldn't have to worry about God flurting with your girl friend or hurting your feelings. You wouldn't have to worry about what God thinks about you, or how he views you. I can be 100% confident that God loves the heck out of me for ME! And darn it, that is a pretty outstanding feeling. Good night readers, God bless every one of you.

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