Sunday, February 24, 2008

I love my sister a lot

At church we got into 2 Corinthians 8:1-7 I enjoyed it a lot and got a lot out of it. Giving can be so difficult for some people, to give of themselves or to give out of their pocket seems abstract. I think God has touched my heart from a young age, as far as I can remember I have always gotten more joy out of giving than getting. I am so thankful for that. I also found a cool BLOG/Journal/Site about giving and was based out of some of these verses. Here are some of the notes that pastor Ron gave us, and then some of mine mixed in. 8:1-7 talks about the poverty stricken churches in Macedonia. It talks about how joyful they were to give to God. Not only out of their pockets but from their hearts. That is so awesome, just like the poor woman who gave all she had. I just image God getting this awesome and proud smile on his face. As if to say, thank you for giving out of grace. Ohh man that is powerful stuff. Anyways, to the notes...
1. they (people in Macedonian churches) did not let economic limitations get in the way of their generosity.
-we should give and receive out of grace
2. their generosity was a response to God's grace.
-He gives so much, we must surrender everything because of it.
-we must look at the gifts of grace God has given us.
3. they understood they were rich.
-I must acknowledge that I am RICH.
For Pathway Community Church:
1. This church is making a difference.
2. This church can make a continued impact in our community.
3. This church can impact our city.
4. This church will leave a legacy.
(ME SAYING) I am proud to be a part of PCC. I am proud to work for the church and to be a part of something great. I am also so happy to be a part of Lifelight Ministries (Saturday evening church with Dave) because I know got has directed me to it and to be a part of it wherever it may go.


Well, it's not her B-Day yet, but we celebrated it today. It is actually going to be her GOLDEN B-Day on Tuesday the 26th. She will be 26 on the 26th. We had fun, here are some clips from the afternoon at Crazy Pin's!!!!
My mom was a way better bowler than I thought she would be. It kind of impressed me. She is consistantly better than I am. I think I can be okay with that too. I wish I could say that she pounded out a STRIKE when I took this picture....but she didn't. Ohh well, they are Crazy PinZ. She had fun today which means I had a ton of fun. We went putt putt golfing and it was pretty crazy, lol. It was extremely psychodelic, and I couldn't help but think of things from my past. I mean, it was intensly colorful and nothing but black lighting with the most intense paintings and crazy stuff all over the walls, ground, everywhere. They fufilled their name with that activity. We went home and ate some really good ice cream cake. Then I got approximately 12 minutes to chill and relax. Then I had the opportunity to take my friend Jama out to see a movie. We saw CHARLIE BARTLETT which we both thought was really good. I love spending time with Jama, and I think I am going to spend more of it because Jama seems to always be honest with me. I respect and admire honesty. Especially when it would almost be easier to be fake and front. Maybe that is why I love working with High School kids so much, because I can get the honesty to come out of them. I just really like that about Jama. She has a lot going on for herself emotionally, and I think it was good just to be able to kind of get away and enjoy something simple. That is what I took from it anyway. Maybe I am assuming to much. But that was the vibe I was catching.
Tomorrow I am going to go and speak with my academic advisor about my STATT class. I have to drop it, and I think I am going to try to add a class in place of it if it is at all possible. The STATT class was a mistake to take in the first place, I don't even really know why or how I got into it. But I have got to get OUTto it. We will see how it goes tomorrow. ~sigh~ I ain't stressing, I just don't like "quitting" stuff like a class. I feel like there is a bit of failureISHness going on there and I am not too sure how that makes me feel. Anyways, that is enough. I start my new devotional tomorrow. I am starting it because I am no longer attending the MON, WED, FRI early morning Bible study because of health reasons. I need to get my sleep, and it is just to early to often. I need to provide my physical body with what it needs as well as my spiritual body. I was just not doing that with all those super early mornings. OKAY, that is really enough, I must be getting off to bed so I can gather all the sleep my body can take.


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