Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday is a Young Life day!

I also had some eye appointments today. Starting from very early.....they could not explain my blurry vision...............he told me that he does not think it is M/S related. I asked him what he thought could be causing it then, and he just kind of dropped his jaw, figuratively of course. So, who knows where the blurry vision thing will go. I ain't scared though. Anyways, it was fun to go and get my eyes dilated. I got to keep these styling glasses too! :-)

I love it so much, I LOVE YOUNG LIFE! Check out this video of a little bit of Duck Tape Mummy time.
It is always so much fun to see these kids get crazy and have an awesome time. I got the chance to take this kid, his name is Ray and I am so glad God brought me to him. I didn't want to at first, but I did it anyways, and wow what an amazing experience because of it. Just to get this guy out of his house for a couple of hours a week would mean the world to me. God will take hold of that situation, I don't have to be afraid for him. It sure is tough not to think and worry about him though. I guess I can only do what I can do though. God has got the rest. Reggie wasn't feeling too good, I think he is catching a cold. He needs to get a physical too, and his mom isn't helping him get it done, so I will probably have to help him out. I think I know places where I could take him to get it all accomplished though.

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