Monday, February 04, 2008

lazy good

I didn't go to work today because I had to get my StUdY on. I feel like I am 70% prepared for my first exam in my Psychology class tomorrow. I am going to get to bed soon, like 10:15PM and just wake up early to get that other 30% of sure in before I head to class.

The girls did really good at their gymnastics meet tonight. We lost by like 4.5 points, but it is due in fact to several issues. I have full faith that they will do much much better at their next meet. Kaitlyn got a 9.15 on her vault, which is amazing! I was so proud of her. She got a vault called a Suke, and you can watch this video to see what it looks like. She did this move, except she landed it perfectly and didn't have a spot. It was so awesome!!!!

As I drove home from the gymnastics meet, it was really foggy out. Kind of a creepy feeling when you can't see the vehicle coming at you until it is right on you. I am so tired right now. I am going to sleep very, very well tonight. It is definately time to say my prayers, and PASS OUT!

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