Saturday, February 02, 2008

a long sigh of relief

This morning started off at a coffee shop at 7:30A.M. Me, and a group of guys met up and one of the Young Life committee members named Rich lead us in a really great devotion about obedience and trusting in the Lord no matter what. One of the examples was when Abraham and Sarah were unable to have a child, but did not trust God. If you're familiar with the story then you know what ended up happening. If you're not familiar with the story, then check it out in Genesis chapter 15-21.

After Bible study I went to my class where I knew I would have my first Test. WOW, all that worrying for nothing. The prof. decided we can use our notes on the tests and it ended up being a really good thing.

I went to work for a while, then eventually ended up at Dave church A.K.A. Life Light. It was great as always, but I can't even remember what we talked about. I feel horrible, but that's what I get when I don't take notes when in the Living Word.

When I left I tried to call a couple of people to see if they would be down for watching a movie tonight. That sounded very relaxing, but no one I asked was down, so I just stayed in and got some much needed "couch time."I remember what we talked about in evening church. We talked about how God is active in our lives, it was really cool how Dave formatted the question/sharing time. God sure is active, man do I love God. Nothing good could happen to me for a month and I am still so unbelieveably blessed. It's gross how we(me included) get sometimes, so caught up in selfishness and petty things. Sometimes it is important to just take a step back and be so ever thankful for all that is given to us.

I have a serious prayer requst. My long time friend is an alcoholic. He is in complete denial as well. I am scared because he is making very foolish decisions when he drinks. He drinks a lot, all the time and will not listen to the people who care about him. Please pray for Adam, he knows the truth but refuses to settle in it. His parents are alcoholics and I love him. I am honestly scared for his life. Pray that he is kept safe even in his bad decisions. God has a much bigger plan than this. He is hurting real bad, and this seems to be his only escape.

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rileydster said...


My best friend who was best man at my wedding is an alcholic. After his wife left him, he lost several jobs, and several other problems I talked with him and he could not understand why everyone thought he had a problem. At some point I had to realize that prayer was the only thing I could do and the rest was up to more powerful forces.

I am glad to see you are more involved with YL, you are in school, and the job situation is stable for the time being. Take care and know that you cousin keeps you in prayer.