Friday, February 01, 2008

today was full of good stuff

I woke up this morning to Snow Snow Snow. So, I dug my car out of the drifts that surrounded it. I am so glad it wasn't too cold. So, I packed up my snow clothes and headed off to Pathway. I worked out in the snow all day. Shoveling, and snow blowing and shoveling and snow blowing. It was pretty fun though. I made a lot of progress.
Everything you see that is not parking lot was cleared off by yours truely. This is only one tiny part of the church too. There is so much more. Once I got off of work I went home and cleaned up and then went off to a pizza party for my gymnastics team. It was super fun, and the girls looked beautiful all cleaned up. This is the first time I have seen then like this. Awwwww! Starting from the left it goes as follows. Jessica, Kaley, Laura, Sarah, Betty (back) Kaitlyn, Emily and all the way to the right is Jessica. These are "the girls." I am totally bummed because we have this meet tomorrow called the Lakeland Invitational, and I won't be able to make it because of my Stat class as well as work and Bible study, and church....My goodness, I am like non-stop. There is so many things going through my head at any one point it would make the average man EXPLODE! AHHHHHHH! I'm good like that though.

After the pizza party I went and picked up Reggie from his Tae Kwon Dao class. It was completely a God thing. I was running late and knew it, but I didn't have any way to contact him. I just kept on to try to seek him out. He was waiting outside the main door and told me this, "dude, I have been waiting here for a half hour, I didn't know why either, but every time I tried to leave I just couldn't. Then you showed up and it all made sense." WOW, that was so cool to hear! We went and played some video games and got candy at Tokens & Tickets. Then I discussed a plan for getting his brother and his brothers friend involved and interested in hanging out. I have this "plan" but I am not quite ready to reveal it. I have to make some phone calls first and see what exactly I can work out. I love hanging out with Reggie, he is so talkative with me now and has so many deep thoughts. OHHHH, he is going out for the Snider (large High School) Foot Ball team. He is going to do AWESOME, as well. I am so excited for this kid. He is going to do great things. My little buddy. I have had so many thoughts lately. Great exciting thoughts sent from heaven above. I have to go to sleep and try to comprehend everything.

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