Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I gotta check myself sometimes.

This evening I was just burdened with world-weariness. Yeah, I like that word. I was burdened with ~life acts~(car issues), nothing new or shocking; I suppose I just took it the wrong way. My vehicle, which I only got to drive for a full 5 days is currently in the shop. I called the shop this morning around 9:00A.M. I ask them to change out the transmission fluid along with all the other stuff, as well as get an idea of where they stood time wise. I took the car in on Friday and they said it would be ready on Tuesday, TODAY. Well, he told me on the phone this morning that I could pick it up at 5P.M., and I was cool with that. As my mom is driving me to the shop, I see we are running a little behind schedule, so I call them to make sure they know I am still coming…..the usual guy doesn’t pick up. Some gentlemen named Mike picked up and asked me, “You say you’re coming for the Tempo? That thing is in pieces, the part just came in about an hour and a half ago, no way it can be ready for you.” DANG, seriously I wanted to have my vehicle back so bad at that point; I wanted the freedom and independence that I have been longing for back so badly it made my chest hurt. I even got short with my mom, the woman who gives me everything and expects nothing in return. I got short with her because I was upset that I couldn’t have my vehicle back when I wanted it back. SMACK IN THE FACE! It was like a reality check, and I really had to check myself. I didn’t even apologize to her, I just stayed quiet and felt really bad as she drove me to Leo High for gymnastics practice. I know that first thing I am going to really let her know how much I love and appreciate everything she does for me, and that I am so sorry for taking out any discouragement I might have had on her. That is so wrong of me. So not loving, and selfish. I was really ashamed at myself.

Gymnastics practice went great. I am so happy to be back with the girls, and it is so cool to see how far some of them have come. I remember when the now Seniors were Freshmen and far from their current ability level. It is so much fun to be back in an atmosphere where I can encourage in my own style, and get them really motivated. I can come up with goofey off the wall tactics to make them laugh, but at the same time, point out their mistakes so they can learn. I am blessed to work with Lori and Michelle too. They are great coaches and I really enjoy them. I believe the feeling might be shared for me as well.

Above was a Roster taken from a Fort Wayne, MAD ANTS Basket Ball Game!! Ohh yea, be very intimidated by these Ants, because they will walk all over you.....wait...... The name circled in red is Heidi Busch - P.R. and Media Relations Representative. That is my best friend Jared's sister. She is rocking, and her education totally came in handy! You gotta love it when things work out. Must just be totally ironic. ;-) It was so nice to hang out with Jared & his mom and dad at the B-Ball game. Growing up, it was like a second home to me. I know me and Jared will be hanging out more now that I have me some wheels. For shizzle my nizzle we will! As me and Jared were exiting after the game, the dancers/cheer leaders were standing together at one of the exits. Chelsy yelled my name and we spoke for a bit. I noticed she wasn't performing this evening, and it turns out she hurt her back some how. It was slightly awkyard, but I am glad she called me over. The only way to move past that feeling is to face it head on and smile.

The Ants seem to be playing much better. The team they played today from Bakersfield was really not good, but I think I really did notice some improvement. It's always fun to be in an atmosphere where people accept you screaming at the top of your lungs anyways.

Car should be ready tomorrow at NOON, but if it isn't, it's no sweat off my back. "wink, wink. nudge, nudge."

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Chels said...

Just a little factoid about the Ants playing better!! I have to brag and say that with their 3-2 record, they are now ranked as number 1 in the d-league!! I was pretty excited to find this out. I'll be back to dancing next thursday or friday night. I'm glad you are going to some of the games and I'm glad I got to talk to you for a bit.