Thursday, December 20, 2007

wait, just hold on a second

I woke up this morning to my cell phone ringing. No, it was not the alarm. It was my friend Jacob calling from Soul Korea to give me an update. Jacob was a year younger than me and I was super good friends with his brother Peter who was in the same grade as me. Well, we stayed good friends all through High School & when Peter went back to Korea for the army (they are forced to) Jacob still had a year of High School to finish up with. I kind of looked after him a bit, and kept the friendship going. Well, it is always good to hear from Jacob.

Then I wake up for REAL at 8:00 and get ready. I could see my car windows were a little frosty, so since my parents weren't home I decided to pull it in the garage so it could warm up and the windows could clear off. THEN I FOUND THIS! :-OIn my driveway I usually park on the Right side. I back in, so that my door opens to the drive way, not the grass/snow. The right side is my moms side. Mind you, I haven't been parking in the driveway too aweful long. Last night when I finally got home, I was tired and didn't feel like backing in, so I just pulled in and parked on the left side (dads side) and left it. I guess this morning, he wasn't paying attention, or clipped it, or something. But there it is. When I first looked at it, I was so confused. I actually had to retrace my steps last night. I was thinking to myself, "I don't drink though, this doesn't make any sense." I really had thought some how I did this. I got in the shower and was furious once I used logic to think about what happened.

So, while I am driving to work, I feel horrible. I just put myself in my dads shoes for a bit. He must have felt so bad when he hit my lil smurf mobile. Then I thought to myself, "Mike, you ungrateful punk, why don't you just check yourself & I remembered when I took my moms car into the corn field. I can't wait to see my dad so I can give him a big hug, and tell him it isn't a big deal at all. Poor guy!

I get to work, smiling and in an up beat mood. Saying hello to everyone I pass, and then on the phone, I am just power driving the kindness. Then, the director person or just someone of authority said he needed to speak with me as soon as I am done with the phone call that I was on. He said we needed to take a little walk. We went down to talk with Cher, the HR rep for SIRVA. Long story short, there are a lot of finicial issues that are putting a massive burden on SIRVA and they have to cut the most recent TEMP positions to try to make up for the finicial down fall they have been in. I felt like I just got blind sided. I had to clear out my desk, and I was escourted off the property. I kind of felt like, "what the heck just happened?" So as I am driving home, I am in really deep thought. I decided not to get on the interstate, because I was just not concentrating very well. I took the long way home, HWY 30 to Coliseum. I wasn't thinking about anything, I didn't hear the music that was playing, I was just barley there enough to drive straight and stop at the lights. I was just deep in bewilderment, wondering what just happened that morning. Then, song # 17 started playing. The name of the song was El Shaddai. In Hebrew, El Shaddai is usually translated "God Almighty who is all sufficient". The song had been playing, but my ears seriouisly didn't pick up on the words until this verse started playing:

jehova jirah

you're my provider, you're my provider

and father I worship you

I felt His comfort, and it was almost as if he just took over my speakers and kind of shook me a little bit so I would pay attention. Even in the negative, I SERVE AN AWESOME GOD! As far as work goes.....well, I guess I will have more time for Young Life and the Gymnastics team. I am not even fretting.

(This song is amazing, I LOVE THIS SONG! If anyone anywhere in the world would like for me to E-Mail them this song, I would be more than happy to. Just send an E-Mail to and put El Shaddai in for the subject. I will just reply with the song attached to the E-Mail. I paid for the CD, so it is legal. I won't even write or ask who you are, i'll just send the song.)

My day ended in the most fab way possible. I got to spend some time with Amanda. She forgave me for being an amazing jerk. I am so glad to because I forgot about how much fun we have together. We could do nothing, and have an amazing time. There is so much laughing and I can't believe how much of a jerk wad I am. When Lauren & I had our "fling," I just forgot about Amanda, I am quite ashamed, and really there was no reason why she had to be so good to me, other than her just having that kind of personality. I am thankful for Amanda, I vow never to let that happen again. MARK MY WORD BLOG!


Cherise said...

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog! I can relate to your car. I was at an AA meeting in Mid November and we heard a big bang crash horns going off. I took my time leaving the meeting and as I was about to go outside one of the guys hugged me and said honey it was your car that got hit. I thought oh gee a fender bender. Well the guy hit my car going about 60mph. (yes he was using) My car is dead. His wife had insurance and it paid the loan off. Now my husband and I are sharing the car that we have left. Blessings come in many guises. We could not afford the payments. We have barely been making it. Now we don't have a payment. (other bills have reared their ugly head) Yes it is a hardship but my hubby works 3rds so I use the car during the day for work. It is amazing to me how God works. I thank God for the good and bad.

Sometimes I don't like the lessons I am learning but usually once I am through it and I can see clearly I can see what I have learned from the negative experiences.

As for the daily Why I love my husband. I started that as a reminder to myself why I married my husband in the first place. These past few years have been to say the least HORRIBLE. Being in recovery for me has been an emotional roller coaster. This goal and others at has really helped bring some focus in my life.

Sorry for being so wordy I get like this at times. :)

Anonymous said...

don't foget, when GOD closes a door, he will open a window. and if that window is to small, don't worry you'll still get thru it. God won't let us face anything we can't handle, even if it seems like the limit is being pushed.. so take this time and get closer to him, and he will provide not only the next stage of your life like a new job, but he will take care of so many other things as well.

sorry to hear about the smurf mobile being hurt and needing a bit of a bandaid.... but realizing what you felt when you seen this boo-boo on the smurf, must have been no comparision to how your mom and dad felt that night, that takes a lot of maturity to face. so know that was good. accidents happen and forgiveness is a humbling experience.

incase we don't talk to you soon, have a very very happy and merry CHRISTmas... p.s. we told troy's family and will be telling mine on sunday!! hurray!!

take care and GOD bless, love ya to,, amy

p.s. mahaley says hi

me said...

HI MIKEY!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm sorry about your car. Keep God first and you'll be fine.Happy Holidays!