Wednesday, December 12, 2007

a SOLID day

Young Life was so “SOLID” today and I proved, yet again that when you are filled to the brim with the Holy Spirit, you can’t help but over flow with it. It’s contagious too, it starts spilling on other people and they get all wet with the Spirit, and so on and so fourth. It is a big beautiful chain reaction. You just have to step outside that comfort zone and show your true colors. If people think you’re crazy, or “too much” SO BE IT! I have decided that I would rather be over flowing with the Jesus, and let people think I’m nuts, than to try to hide it, ever. 6:00A.M. Bible study was really great today as well. Just so many challenges and amazing things put in front of me. I love being in the word, I especially being in the word with a group of like minded individuals. It is so reassuring to know that other guys are seeking what I am seeking, and that other guys love the Lord like I do. It’s powerful stuff.

I also got the chance to experience my first day at Snider High School during Lunch time. I feel like I want to be there every day. If that were possible, I would really pursue that, but for now, just going on Tuesday and Wednesday is just fine for me.

Above, is a video of me and some guys in a small Racquet ball room. This room is in the same basement that we have Young Life in. I noticed that these guys went missing, and instead of yelling at them to get back with the group, we chilled for a bit. We acted goofy, and even did some free style rapping. I sucked, but they were able to laugh at/with me, so it was all worth while. I think these kids are still wondering why they are coming, but the most important part is they are still coming because they are seeing something that they like. That is a beautiful thing to see.

Today was the last Young Life for the year. I think we start it up again in February.

I feel so incredibly blessed, and I am really asking people to just pray that I can continue this passion, this Fire for Christ and loving his people. I am going to keep digging in his word, and seeking his face. I just pray that this passion that is so contagious just maintains and spreads into other peoples lives.

**Thank you God for all the blessings you shower on me. Thank you for protecting me, and giving me a heart that seeks you. I pray that you keep me strong even when people would rather me quiet down. Lord make me a vessle for you and your message. Allow me to show who you are through my words and actions. God you are so good. Holy is your name Lord, rule my life!**

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