Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I have to make everything all better.

I just have a prayer request. Pray for Michelle (main coach) & all the other coaches for the gymnastics team. An issue has come up that is just kind of icky. Guidance and wisdom would be a huge strength/help.

I had a great time with my friend Sarah Ziegler from high school. We got in the Hot Tub and talked about life, god, relationships, life, etc. She is on FIRE for God, and it shows. It's just like I was saying a couple of posts ago, when you are over flowing with the Holy Spirit, it spills off onto all things you do. It's quite amazing and encouraging. Sarah has seen me struggle, and I have seen her struggle, it's a God thing.

I was disappointed in myself today. I had to go to my sisters apartment and get my wallet because it fell out of my pocked when she dropped me off yesterday evening. Well, when I left her place I prayed that God take me to a Gas station where he could use me. I stopped at the nearest G/S (gas station) and prayed that God use me to speak for him. I walked in and it was empty, I was a little nervous. I was going to buy a drink and tell this guy behind the counter how much God loves him, I had it all planned out. Then some home boys walked in and.....well I seized up. I paid for the drink and all that could come out of my mouth was, "dude, I hope God blesses the rest of your night." He said thanks, but why do I care what those dudes thought? Why does that matter, and why can't I rise above that? I am frustrated with myself. I shouldn't care about what other people think, spreading the word of the God I praise is way more important that my feelings. I just get disgusted with myself. I exited the G/S and this guy walked up to me...he was higher than a kite and wanted to know if I could spare some money for "GAS" because his car broke down, just down the road. We chatted a bit, and I left feeling kind of defeated. Then I listened to the song, The Rebel Jesus by Jackson Browne. It boosted me back to where I needed to be. God is so freeking Good.

here are some GOOD VIDEOS!

This ~~*LINK*~~ is amazing.

Thanks for reading my BLOG today. I like having a BLOG because it helps my memory, and it is a powerful way to get things off my chest. Also, when I live my life as an open book for anyone to read, it helps keep me accountable. I haven't found the right accountability partner yet, but I am still looking for some Christ centered dude to come be my buddy, it'll happen. I think the TYSABRI is going to start after the 7th of Jan, I spoke with someone in regards to starting the treatment and it seems as though it is in the final stages of getting set up. Until then, I will continue to go untreated. I feel good, and I feel healthy. I am satisfied and joyful. My God is an awesome GOD! I am going to challenge myself to share Christ with people I don't know, no matter how uncomfortable it makes me. Even if I get laughed at in my face and called a hypocrite. I feel like I must to do as I am commanded.


Anonymous said...

You never know who people really are and the "home boys" as you called them could be just as full of god as you are and the "high" dude could have been crying out for help. Judge not lest ye be judged. Blessings to you and yours this Christmas and best wishes for a Happy, Healthy and Fulfilling New Year

Mikey said...

This is very true. Thank you