Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I felt God's hand of protection on me today.

I was pretty lazy to start off with this morning, I laid on the couch and enjoyed a bit of my day off in the old fashioned “lazy butt style.” I worked out until the tremors bothered me, then I got showered up and made a return at Best Buy. I did some Christmas shopping for a special lady in my life (one that feeds me and occasionally makes my bed) and then drove out to Leo for gymnastics practice. It was en route to practice that I felt I was protected YET AGAIN by the Holy Spirit. If you are familiar with the Fort Wayne area, you should be able to get a good visualization. I was coming from the Industrial park area and just took a left off of Industrial Dr. onto Washington Center Rd. I noticed a couch in the middle of the road right where Washington Center goes under the bypass. I drove past it but knew someone needed to move it out of the road. I thought to myself, “that is going to cause an accident if someone doesn’t move it.” I think I even said out loud while I was driving, “ohh dang.” Right on the other side of the bypass there is a restaurant called Rickers, and I was going to pull into it, but inside me I was fighting the idea of stopping and pulling it out of the street, and just driving on and forgetting about it. I kept driving, but then the feeling of someone getting in an accident overcame me and about 200 yards down the road I turned around in a retirement home parking lot. I still hesitated for a second while I considered not going back, then I just did it. As I was driving back towards the couch in the middle of the street, I see 2 cars coming towards it. I fashioned this crude drawing to better explain the situation. There were 3 cars involved. Car # 1 was actually an F-150 and it was blue. There were 2 other cars involved (#’s 2&3) but I don’t remember what kinds they were or what colors they might have been. The couch in the road was blue…or green. Washington Center Rd. has 2 lanes of traffic on both sides of the road. The thick black line is suppose to stand for the bypass wall. The bypass is of course running over Washington Center, and has huge thick walls to hold up the highway. The couch was taking up the majority of the right lane, and a little bit of the left lane. Car 1 saw it and was fine, car 2 must not have seen the couch till the very last second and turned hard left and crashed into car 1. Car 3 must have been riding pretty close to car 2 and in order not to smash into the couch turned hard right and crashed into the bypass wall. My jaw dropped, as I drove past this I first noticed that everyone was ok, THEN, I realized that if I wouldn’t have hesitated about stopping, I could have very well been at that couch while all this happened. I was thoroughly shaken and felt very blessed. Thank you for protecting me God. :-)

I drove to Leo and the girls had a great practice. I do love working with them again. I got a chance to do the concession stand with Lori (coach) and really enjoyed working in close proximity with her. I can't wait till next week when I will be able to spend 3 days in a row with the girls. I will start to feel more and more comfortable with spotting them and hopefully the same with them. I am super excited to go to the Cafeteria with Tom tomorrow at Snider. It's going to feel weird and I might even be a little uncomfortable, but I am really excited to take this next step with the kids. So much so that I am not going to let my own stupid petty anxieties get in the way. Thats God working right there.


Anonymous said...

hey mikey,
God truely is good to us all the time aint he? i can tell you there have been many times GOD"s hands have been upon us, and sometimes we just don't realize it. for ex. i can be runnin late for something and think Oh why today? then come up on an accident and realize just a few secs earlier, that could have been me inthe midst of that.

so never hesitate those times that you know GOD is talking with you, he may be telling you or tugging at you, so that you will aviod something he doesn't have planned for you!
love ya, and be careful! amy

Mikey said...

It's so true, thanks so much for the comment Amy. And, I am so happy for you! ;-)