Saturday, December 15, 2007

ehhh, how bout a health update.

So I got to work pretty darn early this morning. I decided to do a little research on the drug (Tysabri) that I should be starting soon. I got on Wikipedia and did a little learning from a DVD that one of my moms friends directed my way. It has some pretty good information on it, and I think Wikipedia has the best explination for what happened with Tysabri, and what caused a bit of a ruckus shortly after it was adminstered as an M/S care therapy. As far as I know, I am still awaiting insurance approval. I have put a lot of thought and consideration into it, and if my insurance says no, I am not going to fight it.

Natalizumab (Tysabri)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Therapeutic monoclonal antibody
A4 integrin
Mol. mass
149 kDa
Pharmacokinetic data
Half life
11 ± 4 days
Therapeutic considerations
Pregnancy cat.
Legal status
℞ Prescription only
Intravenous infusion
Natalizumab is a prescription drug co-marketed by Biogen Idec and Élan as Tysabri. It was previously named Antegren. Natalizumab is administered by infusion and has proven effective in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and Crohn's disease. Three months after its approval by the FDA, the drug was voluntarily withdrawn after being linked to adverse events including one death. After an intensive safety evaluation, the drug was re-approved by the FDA as a potentially significant advancement over existing therapies and returned to the marketplace under a program of restricted distribution and regular patient evaluations.

I found a great BLOG:

*But happy is the man whose God is the Lord whose ways are the ways of Him.

After work I went home and chilled out for bit. It really started snowing hard, and then I went to see I am Legend, the new Will Smith movie with my friends Holly and Kandace. It was great fun.

Holly is on the left, and kandace's forehead is on the right. We had a good time talking and getting and giving the D.L. on whats been going on in everyones lives. It was bunches of fun.

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