Saturday, December 01, 2007

some snow 'n stuff

I just got done watching the best movie. I am not out and about because of the current health status of my vehicle. So, I decided to try out On Demand with the Verizon FIOS T.V. I watched a movie called Lives of Others. It was a movie in German with all English sub-titles. I was amazed how hooked I was on it. It cost like $2.99 to rent it off the digital cable, but it was such an amazing movie. The end was really the kicker too. I love it when a movie really smashes the ending perfectly like in this one. I highly recommend this movie, especially if you don't mind reading captions during a movie. I stayed dry the whole movie, and some of it was slow, but still held your interest surprisingly well. I didn't tear up till the very end. Beautiful, those Germans know how to put together a film.

Today at work I spent every second of my free time in this book that Josh gave me for Young Life. The book is called The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert E. Coleman. It quotes a lot of scripture, so I just read it right in front of the computer. I have 2 Internet Explorer tabs open, one is for scripture; the other is for looking up words, pretty simple really; The book is starting to fill with side notes, thoughts, scribbles, etc. It is a really great way to fill free time. I had a really good day at work today. I just block out the negative parts.

Yesterday evening I had it put on my heart to talk with Lauren. I don't use that expression as a cop out either. Sometimes I think people say that God puts things on their heart because they just want a quick easy way out of something, and they want to be able to use God as a cover up. Well, this was not the case. I'm not suppose to be with Lauren, we are in 2 separate places, and don't really mesh with each other. I can honestly say it was a mutual decision. Again, people use that expression as a cop out all the time as well. But this time, Lauren and I both felt the same way. I think our friendship will stay. I am confident with the decision. I say this dissapointed, but sure.

It's Christmas time!! Ohh yes, the snow fell today and Christmas is officially here. I have some video footage to prove it.

After I watched The Lives of Others, I was pumped and wanted to do something creative. Well, I couldn't really get creative, so I decided to just make a small 45 second video. ENJOY my mothers pretty Christmas decorations.

A really cool thing happened before I started watching the video. All day I thought about Jared, and told him what I wanted to invite him to on my B-Day on the 18th, and just thought about him through out the day today. So, what happens? He calls me and invites me to a Mad Ants, B-Ball game tomorrow. HA! His sister Heidi works for Mad Ants. Pretty cool stuff!!

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