Tuesday, December 18, 2007


It’s that time of year, when I usually get reminded that I am a bit older. In years past when I would hear someone tell me that I have grown up so much and am mature and doing so well. It was really easy for me to shrug it off, because I knew there was an only half truth told. But, I can look at the progress I have made and continue to make and really be proud of so many of my accomplishments. I am proud of myself, not prideful though.

I am so thankful this year because I can thank God for another year; good health, maturity, Young Life, a job, a car, the Holy Spirit overflowing in me and my future.

I felt so blessed when I went to Snider High School with Josh, and just meted and greeted kids. It was a total answerer to prayers when I ran into REGGIE! He totally walked past me in the halls and I didn’t even see him. I saw his brother and another kid, and didn’t see him. I asked them, “hey, do you guys know where Reggie has been?” They pointed behind me and bam, there he was. We got to talking and the reason he wasn’t at club last Wednesday was because he didn’t have a ride. I gave him my Cell # and invited him to come to a church dinner on Saturday. He was all about it, and I am going to pick him up as soon as I get off work. I am pumped to hang out with this kid, and even more pumped to see where God is going to take, hopefully our relationship with each other. I just have to keep reminding myself, “he’s not a project, he’s not a project, and only God can change hearts, JUST LOVE HIM.” That’s the plan, and I feel totally confident about it.I had a great B-Day. One I will never forget, I was so blessed today by things that weren't even Birth Day related, but I suppose that's how it goes, and i'm actually glad of it. I like how I never know what to expect in my life. It keeps me on my toes.

In the picture above, you can see that I got a chance to go out with my family and have my first legal/legit drink. We had a blast, and again, it was the small things that I appreciated that will last me forever. The words my sister put in my B-Day card almost brought tears to my eyes. It wasn't that it was dramatic, and all emotional. It was because my sister spoke from her heart and couldn't have been more correct in her thinking. She was real, emotionally and I appreciated it on a way deep level.

I had an amazing time with the Gymnastics girls, I made them gather together so I could get a pic. of them so I can share with all who want to see. I am so proud, and it is so amazing to see them grow in just the short time I have been with them. I want to be able to push them and make them the best they can be. It is such an amazing to Coach. I understand why my dad has done it for such a long time with the middle school football team. There is no price you could put on it, and there are no words you can give to the feeling you get when you see someone learn and grow because of something you told them, or a mistake that you pointed out. It's so awesome and I am so thankful Michelle contacted me to help. A couple of girls are missing, but here are the goof balls for the most part.

The night ended in my sisters apartment with her roomie Traci. It was a good time and I love um both more than I can explain in words. I got to play with Traci's new cat too. Cute lil Lucy!

~Thank you God for this day you have blessed me with. Not because of materialistic things, but because of gifts that will last forever. Lord, take my pride away so that I may grow closer to you in everything I do. Thank you for Reggie, and the gymnastic girls, let them see that there is something in me that is different. You are Grace, and I am nothing in your presence. Heavenly father, bless the people you allow me to touch, help me to speak first of you above all else. Father you are so good.~


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mikey -
Did your mother make that beautiful cake!? Glad to see that all things are good in your life.
Your neighbor - Carolyn

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Superman said...

Well Happy Birthday I hope you had a great day.I have another friend whos birthday is the same day.
God Bless,

Mikey said...

In regards to the cake, I opted not to have a cake this year. My dad and I don't need extra sweets in the house, there is enough as is. BUT, my mom could have created a cake 100 times more impressive than the one displayed, if she wanted to. :-)