Thursday, December 13, 2007

You can't sugar coat Hypocriticalness

In my work environment it is open and anyone can hear my phone conversations if they choose to listen. When people on the phone ask me how I am doing I commonly say things like, “God has blessed me or I am feeling blessed.” When I say goodbye to one of the callers, I sometimes tell them, “God bless you.” A lady who doesn’t have authority to give me orders came up to me and mentioned that I shouldn’t be saying things “like that” on the telephone to callers. I asked if it was against company guidelines, and she kind of changed the direction of the conversation. She told me that an agent that we commonly deal with had a voice mail that mentioned “God’s blessing, and things of that sort.” She told me that she was forced to change it. I felt very strange vibes coming from her when she spoke to me. Then she said, “I know, I think it’s horrible, I think it is wrong to take God out of the schools and government, but Cathy (main boss) wouldn’t like hearing you say that.” I hear this lady swear out loud and say nasty things quite often. I think I will stop saying God bless, and how much God has blessed me when the main boss comes to me and tells me herself. It is just very hypocritical, but I am going to keep doing what I am doing.

I love the childs song, "He's got the whole world in his hands" BECAUSE HE DOES! I am stoked for Bible Study tomorrow. I won't be able to make it unless I GO TO BED!

I love the Life God has Granted me. It's just good like that.

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