Thursday, December 27, 2007


Once I woke up this morning I called IPFW (local university) admissions office and scheduled an appointment for me to come and speak with an advisor for 2:30PM. I went over and sat down with a lady named Maria and got everything set up. I enrolled in the Psychology department and the funny thing that I just realized is on the little piece of paper where it asked what course of study will you be interested in? I put “Psycology,” so I am off to a good start. LOL. I feel really confident with my decision, and I am being extremely proactive and taking all the measures I need to take in order for the school to work around my disability. I am going to take advantage instead of “for granted” of all the affirmative action programs available to me. I believe that getting back in school will be extremely difficult and a huge task. But, I have proven track record of taking monumental challenges head on and not giving in. I feel really good about my decision, and I am even a little bit excited to get back into the class setting. I have a big smile on my face right now as I am writing this. When I was taking classes at IPFW before, I wasn’t motivated for anything. I didn’t have any direction or reason for being there. Now, I see the light at the end of the tunnel. This was a really good decision. Now the challenge is keeping this mind set when the “going gets tough.”

We had a good practice at gymnastics. I am super sore though. And I noticed that at one point, after spotting a girl I started seeing stars for a bit. I took a deep breath, and waited for things to feel normal again. I wonder if this is typical? I also found a really great online chat group that is constantly online. It is an MS support group, and it is a great place to get questions answered. very informative and helpful.

I am looking forward to Bible study tomorrow. I also found out that if you press the shift button 5 times, it brings up something called "sticky keys." It is crazy the things you find out just by randomly doing things. HA!

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