Saturday, December 22, 2007

it's all good

So, I didn't blog yesterday because Amanda & I went and saw Sweeny Todd. The new musical/movie with Johney Depp; which was pretty funny, good and gory. What a mix I know, but it was still pretty entertaining. We saw the 12:15 showing and so after I dropped her off and got my butt home, it was like 3:30 in the AM. I was tired, and passed out as soon as I touched my bed. Before the movie I was hanging out at one of the Young Life leaders houses at a video game/Box Ball PARTY!
It was so much fun, and I really had a chance to interact with some of the kids in an atmosphere that totally allowed everyone to be themselves and feel comfortable being goofy. Sam literally transformed his garage into a professional Box Ball court. I wish I would have gotten a better picture of the actual dimensions of the court. He got really specific on everything. The courts were all numbered and made according to International Box Ball Regulations (IBBR). I was quite impressed with all the other kids. So, that was yesterday.

Today, I slept in till about 12:30 or so. I got up, and talked with Josh (Young Life Staff) about this evening. He invited me to come to a big dinner that his church was putting on. I took my Buddie Reggie. After the dinner, me, Reggie and Josh went to a go-cart place and tore it up! Me and Reggie decided to stay a bit afterwords to kill some zombies and race it up; Motor cycle style.

That's Reggie in the back giving the thumbs up. This kid amazes me! He is so deep, and his level of thinking and maturity surprises me over and over. I know I underestimated this guy, and I am so glad I have spent time in prayer over him. And will continue to do so. He is such an awesome guy! Reggie knows what a Hard Knock Life is. But he is trying his hardest to overcome it and become strong because of the hard ships it throws in his path. I think he could just really use a positive male figure in his life. I hope I can fill the position. I look forward to connecting with him in the activities he has a passion for like his tae kwon do; which he is really proud of and talks about all the time. And by just hanging out doing fun things around the Fort. I just pray that Christ through me spills out. I hope that I can connect with other kids who are making the wrong decisions, and be some kind of positive influence. Tonight, I got a chance at seeing the need first hand. I'm not intimidated of it, and because of God's grace and compassion. I want to do everything I can to make a difference. I was really encouraged by Reggie's openness, and I hope to be able to understand a little more about him and his situation in the near future.

***God, thank you for putting Reggie in my life. Help me to stay humble and learn from him. Don't let me make Reggie a "project," but help me to create a friend. Lord, when I am filled with the Holy Spirit, I can't help but overflow onto other people. Jehova Jirah, you will be seen. Thank you for everything you give me, remind me when I take things for granted, destroy my pride so that I can be closer to you. Thank you GOD.***

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