Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Every year my family meets at my Aunt Jackie's house and we all eat, and enjoy each other, and unwrap presents. It use to be very special for me and my sister, but it is very plain to see that I am getting older and now it is time for a new generation of "rug rats" to enjoy the season. We did however, read the story of Christ's birth (read by me) and hopefully remembered a little bit why exactly we celebrate this season. I have some great pictures to share.

These little girls are Aria and Caidence. They belong to my cousin Cassie, and they couldn't be any cuter. This is my grandma unwraping one of her presents. I think it may have been a sweater or something of that sort. It was a happy atmosphere and everyone had a good time. There was great food and a lot of laughs. My uncle Ken was crazy this year, and it brought a whole new side of fun to the table. Some little cuties doing what they do best! I love kids. My cousins are really good at making them too. :-)

I learn through my family that LOVE is so important. You must love before you try to understand a situation or event. If you go into it with love, and keep love in the constant fore front, everything will go a lot better. I am excited I can celebrate the birth of my savior, and appreciate what he did through out his life. I look forward to making my family smile tomorrow. Hopefully I can bring some better quality of pictures to the table tomorrow

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