Friday, December 28, 2007

Today is Friday

(posted @ 8:24 AM)
This morning showed me the perfect example of Christian men living out their faith and it was a POWERFUL act to be a part of. So, we met up at the house a little after 6AM. We sat down, chatted a little bit and then spoke about one of the members who hasn't been showing up this week. It isn't necessary to say why, but he has just been struggling with some big issues. Instead of falling on his faith and Christian friends, he has been stuffing the emotions and issues down deeper within himself. SO, we (group of 4 guys) collectively made the decision to go to his house and confront him with prayer. As soon as we showed up we started laying hands on his home and praying he would pick up his phone. 5-10 minutes later he did, and he came to the front door and let us in. We laid hands on him and prayed fervently. The Holy Spirit took over, it is so powerful! It kind of reminded me of a mission trip to Mexico I took when I was much younger. In the Spanish culture, they pray out loud in large groups of people. I use to think it was so confusing, now I feel the power in all the words. I don't have to hear or take in the words, they aren't for me. But knowing that prayers are being sent to my heavenly father on my behalf is something that is so strengthening. PRAISE GOD! This is what Christian men should do. This act should not be kept still, it needs to happen more often. I don't want to be a stale Christian. It was such a unique and powerful feeling. You don't have to go to Africa and see all the aids victims to stir up your spirituality, just find someone in need and love them.
Gymnastics practice was cancelled because of possible “bat weather.” I said it was a bad idea, and also said that the roads weren’t going to get bad. They didn’t, and that is just one more practice the girls are missing out on. ~SIGH~ I am just disappointed because I don’t have anyone to hang out with that is fun for me. I hung out with my best friend and his g/f, but they smoke and there was constant bad language, and it just gets me down. I really wish I could find a guy that I could relate to that would just be fun to hang out with. Maybe once I get back into class again. YEAH!!!

I feel like the lonely wolf howling in the wind, waiting for a reply. I’m not complaining, I am just saying how I feel at the moment. It is blatant truth.

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be careful not to become so full of yourself, that you fail to leave room to feel and see the good in ALL others..God Bless