Monday, December 03, 2007

off my chest

Today at work I spent the majority of my free time in The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert E. Coleman again. I get really uncomfortable at work because I separate myself from the usual. The usual includes swearing, 1 sided jokes and inappropriate talk. I just kind of cringe inside when I see and hear it. I find comfort in the verses and I study it deeply. This is the only way for me. I have been praying alot lately that God puts in on my heart who I am suppose to really target with Young Life, and I am excited to go to Snider High School on Wednesday with 2 of the Young Life staff at lunch time to just be around the kids. It will be interesting to see how they react as well as how I react. I have really high hopes, and I think that is the best thing to have. If you have really low hopes, or no hopes, then what can you possibly hope to get out of a situation or accomplish?
Lauren and I talked again today on the phone. I felt like I was brutally honest, I just hope I was honest and clear. I think it is good to be 100% honest, as long as your intentions are pure, and you don't have any kind of hidden agenda. Constructive criticism goes both ways though, if you are going to hand it out, you'd better be ready to take it if need be. I would be greatly disappointed if Lauren and I couldn't walk away from this without having a healthy friendship. I just hope that bomb doesn't hurt someone else, or roll back towards me and blow a foot off.

I am pumped to get my car back tomorrow. I have felt like a young child that was just given a brand new toy, and then ate cookies without asking permission and got it taken away. I WANT MY TOY BACK! lol. I hope that friggin car is ready for me to drive it, cuz drive is what i'm gonna do. oh yes, driving is predicted in my 7 day forecast.
I made a very bold decision today. I decided to go ahead with the TYSABRI, the once a month M/S Monotherapy. I talked on the phone with the company that is in charge of reintroducing the drug to patients through out the U.S. for about 35 minutes today. As I talked with the agent that is in charge of my drug profile, I felt confident about what he had to tell me, and think it is the best decision for me. God is in control of my health, even when I don't think he is. I have to be okay with that and move on. I made my decision, it is final and now I am moving on. It's as simple as that. BAM!


Lauren said...

Oh dear, my name is Lauren too(gulp)!

I have had 15 Tysabri infusion so far, and I have not had one relapse, nor any disease progression in over a year, woo hoo!

I was one of the MS patients that testified (via videotape) in March 2006 along with other MS patients in an effort to return Tysabri to the market.

Over 17,000 MS patients have made the same decision as you. And they are currently on Tysabri therapy!

Good luck to you Mikey, and made blessings flow abundantly from your Tysabri infusions, and throughout the better Quality of Life that you will have once on Tysabri, hopefully.

A very Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2008 to you and your family.

Lauren :)

Mikey said...


You have no idea how perfect your timing is. I am going to go through with the TYSABRI decision, but I feel so blessed to have a little extra confidence. I checked out your home page, and your up beat attitude and outlook on life is a lesson to anyone who grumbles with their situation.

Thank you for commenting, seriously.

A merry Christmas to you as well. I did get all the facts and figures about Tysabri yesterday too. I found out that the FDA didn't take it off the shelves, Biogen IDEC willingly pulled it off for more research and what not.

All comforting as well. :-)