Saturday, December 08, 2007

Get done working, whats next on the list?

Today after I got off work, I went directly to Snider High School. It was fun to hang out with some kids. I think it is going to be an important step in the direction I am heading towards becoming active in these kids life. I have to be where they are, and take interest in what they like. I am totally willing to do that too. After the game, me and a couple of guys went over to Toms house. Tom is in the lower right hand corner. Tom is a really good cook, and he made up some taco makings and we pigged out. Played some katamari, checked out Kyles techno set up, and chilled for a bit. It was pretty darn fun. I am extremely tired now, and I think it is well past time for me to go to bed. SLEEP WILL BE UPON ME!

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