Friday, December 14, 2007

That was so cool.

Last night I believe my feeling was right. Today in early morning Bible study it was powerful stuff. The Lord showed up plain and clear and we discussed some important topics facing our church and ourselves as individuals. It is so good to surround yourself with Christ seeking men. It is a healthy reminder that others feel and seek the same things you do, because you will not get that reminder from the world. The world and the devils forces seek to destroy and humiliate you at every chance. Something even cooler happened towards the end of the study this morning. This guy, you could call him the leader of the group, even though there really is no leader. He is a worship leader at the church associated with the bible study. He left at around 7:45, then about 10 minutes later came back into the house we were at and just sat right in the middle of us and asked if we would pray over him. We put our hands on him and prayed fervently over him. It was powerful stuff.

After work I called my best bud Jared up and asked if he wanted to go out to eat. I drove to his house and waited for him to get home. I crank a hot cope of Hot Coa Coa while I waited.

We went out to eat at applebees and I had a killer rack of baby back ribs. We had a really nice waitress that I knew from high school and it was a good couple of conversations. After a most amazing dinner we went back to J-Rod's house for some good ole DVD watching. I went home at about midnight so I can prepare for this SNOW we are SUPPOSE to get late tonight. We will see what actually happens. God is so good, it is such an awesome and amazing concept to attempt to grasp daily. Just trying to fathom how amazing of a God I serve is enough to keep my mind busy for hours on end.

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