Saturday, January 10, 2009

be still and know that He is God.

I am learning more and more that loving the Lord sometimes means separating yourself, standing still, being patient, loving unconditionally, not judging, breathing slowly, and ACCEPTING. hip hip HOORAY!!!!

What would life look like for me if I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? I have highlighted some words that popped up in my mind.
  • dark
  • confusing
  • meaningless
  • futile
  • closed
  • defeated
  • pointless
  • hopeless
  • tragic
Yes, and that's the truth.So, we got a little bit of snow through mid-day yesterday, and through the evening. The driveway ended up looking like this. When I got done with it, it looked like....THIS!! I removed that snow so good, man you don't know how good I removed it. When that was done, I did my Bible Study. Finished up EXODUS, and wow is Moses ever an example of what I want to attain in God fearing characteristics. The man was so freeking patient and loving towards a whole NATION that was as he liked to say, "stiff necked." I love learning about him, and Him. I did this, and I did that, but ended up getting a phone call from my best friend Jared when I was leaving the YMCA because he wanted to invite me to go see Valkyrie with him and some of his friends. I did, and..... I am really really glad I did not live in Nazi Germany. How horrible and depressing. On that note, GOOD NIGHT!! God loves you more than you can ever understand, more than you can ever comprehend, he knows how many hairs you have on your head, and what your favorite food is, he knows your fears, and what brings you joy, he knows why you get angry, he knows how you're fulfilled, he knows what it would take for you to love him.....but will never force it. When you accept a close personal relationship with Him, your life will be transformed into that of eternal and impacting significance and life starts to make more and more sense. Not perfect by any means, but a joy of unspeakable measures will follow.

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