Saturday, January 31, 2009

the Mer face

Early, early, early this morning I was awoken by my mom asking me to pray for my sister Merideth. It was maybe 4AM when my mom woke me up to tell me that Merideth had just gotten a DUI (her second) and that my dad was going down to bail her out at 6:30. My mom almost had a voice of optimism in her voice. She said to me, "maybe she will wake up this time, and realize that something has to change in her life." I prayed the prayer, I prayed it sincerely. I went back to sleep, and actually I think I dreamed about a pair of jeans that I asked my mom to fix a while back. And in the dream my mom came to me and handed me the jeans, she said, "these jeans can't be fixed." I responded and said, "but mom, you can use material from these old jeans, just sow them together and they will be fine." It ended like that. Now that I have had time to think about it. I don't think I had any kind of GREAT AWAKENING or voice from God talk to me in my dream, but I can draw together a correlation between the jeans and my sister. With some jeans, they get to a point where they can't be fixed any longer. The material wears out, and stitching new material that looks good, won't do anything to the material that is already bad, except buy it a little bit of time. With my sister, and my family has come to the conclusion that God has to reveal in her along with her accepting the call, to hand it over. It is very hard to see my sister go through stuff like this though. She was coming home from a bar, and turned the wrong way on a one way street. A cop saw that and quickly pulled her over. Poor Mer. I took a picture of my facial expression when I was in deep thought about her.I was at school all day studying my Elements of Law stuff. I did real good, and performed excellently on my online quiz's. I needed to get away. SO, I called my best friend and asked if I could stop buy for a bit while I waited for time to come closer to 7:45. I wanted to go see Doubt at the local IIT Cinema Center downtown. I get in for only $3. To my great surprise Jared wanted to accompany me. TWAS A GREAT THING!!See it, it is a great movie. I doubt you won't like it. God is good, but his love needs to abound in mercy, compassion, and generosity. I took that from the movie a bit. Phillip Seymore Hoffman is the BEST ACTOR EVER!!! I friggin love the way that guy acts.

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Megan said...

i'm sorry to hear about your sister. I hope everything works out and I wanted to see Doubt as well. :)