Thursday, January 29, 2009

genuine is the name of the game

I feel like money is being wasted in my interpersonal communications class. Today we watched as much of My Big Fat Greek Wedding as time would allow.
Yes, we watched the video then discussed quickly (maybe under 5 minutes) a couple of topics discussed through out the chapters. I don't know, it was kind of lame. Crappy picture I know. I did a bit of picture taking today. I will upload my favorite picture out of the roll. I went out to Amish country to find some good horses. They were great, kind of skirmish at first, but then warmed up to me and came closer. This picture is so great because you can see two of the horses have their ears all perked up in anticipation of something about to happen. As soon as I snapped the picture and they heard the shutter sound, they took off. It was priceless. Animals are pretty cool like that. Before I went to my Photography class, I stopped at Fazoli's for dinner, because I was running short on time. I ate their greasy not so great food, and read up on (looked at pictures) my photo reading assignment. Then I went to class. I really think this class is OKAY. But the people in the class are really cool. There are a lot of genuine people it appears in that class. There is nothing I like better than genuine.

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