Sunday, January 04, 2009

the day, my day

Today is Sunday, and I have to admit, for a chill and relaxing day, it was alright. My body was in great need of sleep after that SKI trip, and due to the fact that I have not been sleeping very well for the past 3 days I would say. Anyways, after sleeping in till about 1:30, I woke and returned Tom's car. I met with Tom briefly and everything I heard from him was good, and he has renewed spirits and I think healing is taking place.Richard (as shown above) talked a bit tonight and shared from his heart about the fact that God hurts when we hurt. I could tell just how sincere he was being by the tone in his voice, and the tears welling up in his eyes. That "spiritual tears" can be very real, sincere, and impacting. We touched on the idea that Christ-centered feelings brought in the midst of pain (which are optimism, hope, and grace) can bring a lot of healing. This was kind of where it was going, but I may have done a not~so~good job of explaining. I am tired and my head hurts.Dave church was good today because everyone kind of gave a sermon. Maybe it was just talking about how God is working in our lives, maybe it is just words of encouragement, or laughter. But, according to my definition of "CHURCH," that is what it is all about. Lifting one another up in Christ through all the right things. Common sense plays a big part, but LOVE has to be the defining characteristic of any Church. And Dave church has more love than I know what to do with. Real, sincere, and laughing love. It is a beautiful thing and I have great hope in what is to come. Whatever it might be.

When I got home, my friend George came over and wanted to get some Bible verses from me that he could go over when he get's down, or tempted or anything of that nature. I gladly gave him plenty and that is really cool for me to be able to do because I know he is really searching. Searching is a great place to be. George knows what is Truth (notice the capitol) and seems extremely ready to make changes and heal areas that have been taken over by fear and sin. It is an exciting place to be.

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