Wednesday, January 07, 2009

God give me patience

Ohhh how quick to forget I am. I am in the process of studying Moses and the circumstances involved with the Israelite in their Exodus from Egypt. WOW was God patient. Over and over again they failed to trust in Him and he kept giving them more chances even when they did not deserve anything. He loved them so much. Same with Moses, that guy could have just said SCREW THESE BONE HEADS, but he was patient and loved them in and through their faults. I messed up today with Matt (my cousin living with parent's and I). I called him out for things that were nothing, I got frustrated because I was looking at his past, and not what he is trying to do. I got caught in a subjective frame of mind and it blew up in my and Matt's face. I had to apologize, because I was dead wrong, and he did not deserve that. Then I was super frustrated with myself. Or maybe more disappointed than frustrated. I felt like a hypocrite, and that I was very judgmental in a situation where I should have been patient and loving. I had to get out of the house. Even though it was late and I didn't feel good, I went to the YMCA and hopped on a bike with the book I have been slowly reading, EXPERIENCING GOD. So good, so what I needed. Although I messed and was a jerk, I acted quickly in righting my wrong, and separated myself from my place of frustration and prayed. I came to the understanding that even though I messed up, I don't need to dwell on that. I am forgiven, and I know it. God's Grace is HUGE, and it makes me gain back that hop in my step. I love God. I am in love with God. I took this picture when I was in my Bible study. Mostly because I realized that my prayer stance looked very stereotypical, and I wanted to capture the essence of the moment. Pictures are so good at doing that. Just the positioning of the hands, and all. I dunno, I just wanted to share. That, and the fact that I am just kind of becoming a picture junkie.

I'm going to bed now. G'NIGHT!


Vice-Commissioner Lister said...

Good call on how patient God was with Moses and the Israelites. That gives me hope for when I screw up.

Anonymous said...

Thats why it is never a good idea to be so judgemental and condescending to others and there ways. Always comes back to bite you in the as*.....He might be wrong and might know it, but our job is to be there when they need us not push them away for not being what we want them to be

pilgrimhen said...

A great recovery - you humbled yourself and repented. Jesus does not expect us to not mess up, but come to Him and do the right thing when we do. I call that victory.
~Gracie's Mom