Thursday, January 15, 2009

it is FREEZING!!

Currently as I write, It is -12, it feels like it is -32. That is, umm COLD. This is a new kind of cold for me. I don't ever remember it being this cold outside. Wowzers, just WOWZERS!! Thursday's sure are long days for me. I mean I have classes and work all day. Lots of reading to stay up on, and all kinds of work to do. I have a morning mass communication class from 9:00-10:15 that I go to right from work, then an interpersonal communication class at 1:30-2:45 where I leave and go directly back to work. I get out of work, do some reading and go back to school at 7:30 for my journalism/photography class. It get's over at 10:15PM!! Ouch! Long day. The above picture was taken in class. The prof. is an old photographer for one of the big news papers in Fort Wayne, and he is a pretty cool dude. I am really going to enjoy this class. I saw this car walking out of class. It is so tiny. Tiny car's are kind of funny. I would feel so silly driving in that car. Or maybe not, maybe I would feel really really cool driving in it. I am kind of curious as to how it actually drives. What is the top speed, and how does it handle. It is supposed to be extremely safe, but that is hard for me to understand.

God is good, even when life is not, God is so good. He is always there to lift me up, to soothe me and comfort me. He is my friend, He is my greatest listener. He does not stay quiet when I need to be spoken to, and I am so extremely blessed when he decides to use me to drive out His plan. What an honor it is to be in a relationship with Jesus Christ. And to that, I give you a smiley face. :o)

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