Saturday, January 17, 2009

Significant Saturday

My neurologist not urologist said that the TYSABRI is a GO!!!! This the news I fully wanted to hear, but was prepared for him to tell me it wasn't going to be the case. God is good.

The doctor did not give any bad news about her test on Friday. We are assuming that no news is good news. We are thinking that she caused this last incident because of years and years of untold amounts of stress on her. It is just in her nature to stress out about lots of things. I am probably a big factor of that stress too. Not the current me, but the me that use to make horribly bad decisions. So school is back in session full swing, and that means the library will become my second home. The picture above is a picture of me doing my Bible study. I had a TON of reading from Leviticus to do today. I love learning from places in the Bible where I did not think God could ever teach me. It's a wonderful thing to see the LIVING WORD in action.

Also, while I was there I finished filling out an application for a paid summer internship at the camp I was at last summer in Arizona. I feel it is the right decision for me, and am extremely excited about it. God will work out all the little things. This is my friend Brad. A friend I have not seen for quite some time, who just recently moved into a house. His girl friends grandmother moved into a nursing home, and his g/f's parents wanted to keep her home in the family. So, they are renting it out to Brad. Brad put a unique and exciting possible offer on the table for me. I will not say what, but it is pretty darn unique.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are still going to be on Ty. A truly great medication with over twice the eficacy of any other MS drug on the market. Glad to hear your Mother is doing better. Sorry for the urologist snafu, at least I didn't say proctologist. ha!

Mikey said...

HA!! Tysabri really is an amazing far as I know. My Neurologist made an interesting comment, that makes sense to some of the stuff I have read. He said that Ty. has been shown to block B cells. Which is a good thing, BUT, if too many of them become blocked over time, and not properly dealt with, an influx of B-cells into your immune system could cause significant problems. It kind of sounded like there could be a possibility of a SUPER relapse. But, for now I just go at life one day at a time. :-) P.S. I have a urologist appt. on the 28th, so "ain't no thang!"