Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WEDNESDAY, is the best day

OKAY, first I will tell about my mom's current health. I believe she is okay right now. She is up enough to like cook dinner, and do some other things. She is not working right now, because that might be one of the stressors that is pushing her too hard. My mom is a worrier, like a lot of mom's. Dave, just pray that what happened was a "fluke" thing, and that all will return to normal and she will be able to return fully to where she was at before. I got the story really wrong too. She is a leader for the woman's BSF, and was at a leader meeting on Tuesday morning when she started having serious chest pains, shortness of breath, and then started blacking out. They called the ambulance and it rushed her to the ER. We will know more on Friday. Friday, I will be able to say why it happened, and what exactly was going on.Today, I had my TYSABRI! This one will be my 10th infusion. All is going super well on this medicine, and I hope my neurologist agrees to keep me on it. I will find out on Friday, when I go to Indianapolis with my dad to my appt. My dad is taking me because I think my car might blow up, and I just don't want to risk it right now. So, that was good. It snowed like CRAZY today, I did a lot of snow removal just in our driveway. Good stuff though. I am going now.

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